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Democratic Capitalism Decision-making Consumer Power

Intentional Shoppers Force Change at ExxonMobil
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on May 31, 2021

The latter half of May, 2021, was quite decisive for integrated oil companies and their positioning--or lack thereof--with climate action. A shareholder resolution at Chevron pushing the...

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Choice Democratic Capitalism Consumer Power

You Are Systemic Change
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on April 26, 2021

Issues of sustainability and human rights have taken on new urgency in the public discourse over the last two years. What were once issues to be addressed have now seemingly become...

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Worldview Democratic Capitalism Fundamentals

Stakeholder Capitalism Will Not Save the World
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on March 15, 2021

At Motive, we base our decisions and our development in a framework of Democratic Capitalism. This is the belief that no other institution is as well-structured, well-resourced, and...

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Democratic Capitalism Informed Decisions Fundamentals

Part 2: Why ESG
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on February 23, 2021

Motive is built from the science of impact and a promise of unfettered truth. Our objective is to support people in making good decisions based on what they care about. In our pursuit of...

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Democratic Capitalism Consumer Power Fundamentals

Democratic Capitalism and Making Sense of the World in Times of Change
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on October 20, 2020

A worldview is a sense of how the world operates and how we fit into it. Whether explicitly or implicitly developed, we all have a worldview. Perhaps we set our own worldview, perhaps we...

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