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Informed Decisions Fundamentals ESG

ESG is Not Sustainability
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on June 7, 2021

Interest in ESG is growing at an astonishing rate. I’ve been working in this space for 15 years now and never did I imagine I would see the acronym used in popular commentary beyond the...

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Better World Sustainable Brands Fundamentals

Climate Change...But not Only Climate Change
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on April 19, 2021

Sustainability is about risk management. We don’t know everything we need to know about the impacts of today or the needs of tomorrow to act with certainty, so we strive to minimize...

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Consumer Agency Decision-making Fundamentals

The ESG Blind Spot
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on March 29, 2021

ESG has surged in popularity over the last two years, at least in relative terms. I have been active in ESG research for 15+ years and I never would have thought the field would grow to...

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Worldview Democratic Capitalism Fundamentals

Stakeholder Capitalism Will Not Save the World
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on March 15, 2021

At Motive, we base our decisions and our development in a framework of Democratic Capitalism. This is the belief that no other institution is as well-structured, well-resourced, and...

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Choice Consumer Power Fundamentals

Please, Just Let Me Give You My Money
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on March 8, 2021

Over the weekend I needed to go into a store and pick up a few little items that I felt were too small and too few to justify ordering online and causing so much unnecessary packaging...

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