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Informed Decisions Sustainable Brands Mother's Day

How to Order Flowers for Mother's Day
By Motive Research Team on May 3, 2021

With Mother's Day fast approaching, you might be considering sending flowers to someone special. If you are curious about where your money ends up and want to support brands that are...

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Informed Decisions Culture Sustainable Brands

Small Is Not Always Beautiful
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on April 5, 2021

There was an interesting thread on Twitter over the weekend which started with someone moving into a new home and looking for advice on furniture. The replies were coming in fast and...

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Informed Decisions Consumer Power Sustainable Brands

Spring Cleaning...and Greenwashing
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on March 22, 2021

Spring is here...and, as usual, with it comes a marketing blitz for any and all products related to changing seasons, home improvement, gardening, outdoor activities, and vacations and...

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Democratic Capitalism Informed Decisions Fundamentals

Part 2: Why ESG
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on February 23, 2021

Motive is built from the science of impact and a promise of unfettered truth. Our objective is to support people in making good decisions based on what they care about. In our pursuit of...

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Informed Decisions Consumer Power Fundamentals

Part 1: What is ESG
By Taylor Gray, Ph.D. on February 15, 2021

We often speak about the importance of information in making decisions--and how not all information is of equal value. At Motive, we dedicate ourselves to providing information consumers...

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